CPC Officer Travel Policy

The objective of this policy is to define the procedures and reimbursement policy for the CPC Officers (President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer).

Required, reasonable travel expenses incurred by the Chapter Presidents Council Officers attending the CPC meetings will be reimbursed by the CPC through GBTA.  Additional nights other than meeting days will only be paid if required for a lower priced airfare* or in order to arrive for a specific meeting time.  Expenses will not be paid for attendance at the annual convention except for one hotel night if required to attend the Quarterly CPC Meeting or Officers Meeting, unless covered by the person’s chapter or company.

Travel expenses are reimbursed on the basis of specific claims submitted via the GBTA Expense Report.  The Expense Report must be submitted within 30 days of the meeting.  Expenses submitted after 60 days of the meeting will not be reimbursed.  The CPC Secretary/Treasurer approves the Expense Report before forwarding the approved Expense Report to GBTA for payment.  The CPC President approves the CPC Secretary/Treasurer’s expenses.  Original receipts must be attached for all expenses.

Travel Expenses Covered:

  • Lowest logical air transportation (coach class)

  • Ground transportation

  • Airport parking and tolls

  • Mileage to/from airport (at current IRS rate) or an airport transfer service, whichever is lower

  • Shuttle to/from hotel (if complimentary transportation is not provided)

  • Car Rental expenses for annual Officers Planning Meeting only

  • Hotel accommodations (standard room at the CPC meeting rate)

  • Authorized meals when not provided at the CPC meeting.  (Expense guideline is the published per diem rates).

  • Telephone expenses (actual CPC business charges are eligible for reimbursement when traveling).  Additionally, a personal call(s) home up to ten minutes per day can be expensed.

  • Tips

  • Other CPC Officers expenses as outlined in the CPC Budget (such as printing, stamps, etc. for CPC business)

  • One night hotel during the annual GBTA convention week if required for attendance at the CPC meeting

Travel Expenses Not Covered:

  • Spousal expenses of any kind

  • Expenses incurred when attending the annual GBTA convention (unless otherwise noted above)

  • Car Rental expenses (unless otherwise noted above)

Exceptions to the Travel Policy:

Expense statements submitted for expenses outside of this Travel Policy and less than $200 will be approved at the discretion of the Officers.  All other expenses outside of this Travel Policy will require a majority vote approval by the CPC members.  Such vote to be taken at the next scheduled CPC quarterly meeting.

* Note:

The total cost must be considered when calculating an additional hotel night for a lower priced airfare.  The total cost should include hotel, meals, parking, etc.